Thursday, January 9, 2014

January Nail Art Challenge Day 2: Pattern

Hello! I'm back just barely in time for the second day of the January nail art challenge. The prompt for today was to do a pattern, and I decided to do dots. My base polish is Butter London Royal Navy (a one-coater!), and I used acrylic paint for the dots. I intended them all to come out looking like the thumbnail does, but obviously didn't quite get there. I'm still rather fond of them, though.

Apologies for the messy edges - I haven't been able to find my cleanup brush, and it's definitely noticeable with such a dark color. 

On another note, if you've gotten to the end of the post, could you do me a favor and compare the challenge image at the top of this post with the one in my previous post? For some reason this one appears darker even though it's the same exact image I used last time. 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

January Nail Art Challenge Day 1: Ab Initio

Someone (I can't remember who now) mentioned this challenge a couple days ago on Instagram or Twitter and I thought it looked both doable and fun, so I decided to jump in. It was after the third when I saw it, so I went straight to glitter nails and wore my first and only Urban Lacquer polish, Ab Initio.

I remember I first saw this polish on Chalkboard Nails about a year ago and was absolutely smitten. However, I have to say I was just a little bit disappointed when I finally got it and put it on, because I think they must have changed it. The glitter is really dense, which I normally like, but one of the things I'd liked about Ab Initio when I saw it on Chalkboard Nails was that the glitter was sparse enough that you could really see the different layers of glitter glow through the deep purple jelly base. While I still really like this polish and am glad I bought it, I am a bit disappointed because it wasn't how I expected. I could layer it with another purple jelly, but my only purple jelly is Milani Rad Purple, which isn't the right color at all. But I have no objection to expanding my purple jelly collection... ;) Any suggestions?