Friday, November 29, 2013

Zoya Dream

Hello again! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and that you don't have too much of a food hangover. ;) Today I have Zoya Dream, a blue jelly with a scattered holo effect. It's a polish from the Zenith holiday collection for this year, and let me tell you, it's an absolute dream. This is the polish that immediately grabbed my attention when I opened the package, and editing the pictures for this post just made me want to put it right back on again. I used three coats here.

Sorry for my yellowish hands in the second two pictures - I can never seem to eliminate that without messing up the coloring of the polish, which is accurate in these photos. My favorite thing about good jelly glitters is the extraordinary depth they have, and Dream is no exception. I really want to use this in a galaxy manicure at some point and see if I can get the same illusion of depth by sponging it on a deep blue or black base. What do you think of Dream? Leave a comment and let me know!

Zoya Dream was sent to me for honest review.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Good Man Goes to War

Hey! Remember me? Yeah...this semester just about killed me. It's definitely been my busiest so far, and it's not an experience I'm keen to repeat. The semester's coming to a close, though, and I've slept what would normally be an obscene amount over the past few days. I think I'm about caught up, and I'm definitely eager to start blogging again. I haven't even had time to paint my nails much this semester, but I do have a few posts worth of pictures on my computer. My post today is actually showcasing my current mani, Nail Pattern Boldness A Good Man Goes to War. It's a polish from her excellent Doctor Who collection, Time Traveler, so I thought it'd be appropriate to wear Monday night, when I watched the 50th anniversary episode with my friends.

A Good Man Goes to War is a bright red jelly with black square glitter, black microglitter, silver hex glitter, silver microglitter, and gold square glitter. Because of the red jelly base, it's hard for me to tell whether the glitter is silver or gold, but that's my best guess. It's actually out of stock permanently, so if I give you a huge lemming...sorry? It's so pretty that I couldn't resist sharing, though. I used three thin coats here, which I found worked best for glitter distribution. I was very happy that A Good Man Goes to War wasn't patchy like some jellies - it distributed really evenly, and I didn't even have to reposition the glitter. Very impressed! (EDIT: I just took this off...and it stains. Not too badly, but I'd recommend doubling up on base coat with this one if you want to avoid staining.)

All pictures were taken outside on a cloudy day.

Yeah...gorgeous. I am so in love with this polish. I didn't try this for the longest time because I was afraid I wouldn't like it as much as the other Time Traveler polishes I have, but I was wrong - I love it. So much. Also, the name is wonderful. I can't wait for the rest of the you watch Doctor Who? What did you think of the anniversary episode? No spoilers, please!

P.S. Have a great Thanksgiving! And don't worry, you can eat as much turkey as you want, because it doesn't actually make you sleepy.