Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Day 30: Inspired by a Tutorial

Gaaahhh! My 31 days are almost over! It's gone by so quickly - I can't believe it'll be time to start doing Christmas nails after tomorrow. I think Elle's Spell might be in order...

Anyway, that's completely off-subject. I had to search around a bit for today's manicure. While I've seen a lot of tutorials I liked, I've either used the ones I really liked, or they're too time-consuming to do when finals are coming up and I've got a bajillion papers and things to do. I eventually rediscovered Polish Art Addiction's Monokuro Boo nail art tutorial and decided that's what I wanted to do. I honestly have no idea what Monokuro Boo is - that is, other than adorable - but I thought it would be fun and not too hard. I used Color Club Yachty Yachty Yadda for the background, and Wet 'n' Wild White Creme and Black Creme for the nail art. As you can see, my white pigs turned into Westies (see?) and I left of the dots, but I'm still very happy with it.

natural light

While it's not as cute as Polish Art Addiction's, I still think it's freaking adorable. Now I just have to figure out what the heck I'm going to do I recreate my favorite manicure I did, that someone else did, or does it even matter? Anyone know? *looks around*

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dr.'s Remedy Jolly & Joy Swatches and Review

Hello again! I'm back, as I said I would be, with the holiday 2011 collection from Dr.'s Remedy. I know for sure that one of these, Revive Ruby Red, is a re-promote because I reviewed it before, and I think Passion Purple is as well; however, I'm fairly sure the other three are new - but by all means, correct me if I'm wrong! Now, let's get to the polish.

outdoors, sunlight

First, we have Revive Ruby Red, which as I said before, is not a new color - it was in last winter's collection as well. However, that doesn't make it any less gorgeous! If you read my original review, you will remember that I absolutely loved it then, and that definitely hasn't changed. It's got the same lit-from-within, glowing quality that made it love me so much the first time around, and is opaque in the same two easy coats. I encourage you to read my previous review of Revive Ruby Red for more details if you're interested.

outdoors, sunlight

The second color in Jolly & Joy, Passion Purple, is described by Dr.'s Remedy as "a bombshell-boysenberry with subtle silver meshed throughout," and I think that's an accurate description. I tend not to like shimmers with a colored base and silver shimmer quite as much as other shimmers, but I think this one is nice. I'm not wowed by it, and I'm not sure that I'd wear it all that often. However, if this sort of finish is your thing, go for it! The application was fantastic, and it got opaque coverage in two coats.

outdoors, natural light

Essential Emerald, the third polish, is described by Dr.'s Remedy as "a take on the classic tree-and-plant-inspired gem of a shade, with delicate glimmer and unparalleled amounts of glamour." Now, this is an area where I really have to disagree with the description - to me, this is a jade green, not an emerald. However, it is a very lovely color, and I like the silver shimmer in this better than that in Passion Purple. This one also took two coats, and the application was great.

outdoors, sunlight

Serene Silver Glitter is described by Dr.'s Remedy as "a seasonal sizzler like no other: shine, chic, totally unique in the metallic scene," and on this one, I totally agree. As far as I know, there really is no other polish like this one. For one thing, it's definitely a glitter, but the particles are so fine that it applies almost as smoothly and evenly as a foil, and looks a somewhat like a foil on the nail as well. Additionally, it has not only silver glitter, but red and blue as well, which is a combination I haven't seen anywhere else. Best of all, the glitter is very highly packed into the polish - I barely needed two coats!

outdoors, natural light

Finally, we have Resolution Red Glitter, "a red-meets-copper spin that's sequin-look-alike laden with high-shine and sparkle." I sort of see where they get the copper, but to me, the polish is mainly a red, pink, and silver glitter. It also barely needed two coats, and the application was good. 

Check Dr.'s Remedy out on Twitter and Facebook!!/remedynails

These products were provided to me by Dr.'s Remedy for honest review.

Day 29: Inspired by the Supernatural

Hello there! Today's prompt was a bit challenging for me to turn into a manicure, as I didn't want it to look explicitly like a Halloween manicure. I ended up pulling out some random polishes and doing a layering manicure. I used a base of Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme with China Glaze Zombie Zest, China Glaze Snow Globe, and a gold Orly glitter that I recently got and can't remember the name of (and I'm not in my room now, so I can't check - I'll update the post later). I topped it all off with Essie Matte About You.

natural light
natural light

I like it! I wasn't sure if I would at first, but after I decided to put matte top coat on it, it all sort of came together. Sorry about my terribly dry fingers ... I took these photos after I showered this morning, and though I tried to put cuticle moisturizer on without ruining the matte effect, it clearly didn't work too well. Maybe next time I'll remember to plan my picture-taking better.

There will be another post up later today on the Dr.'s Remedy holiday collection, so look out for that! I've been meaning to get it up since I took the pictures last week, but the world has seemed to conspire against Never Unpolished lately ... oh well. I should also have swatches of China Glaze Let it Snow posted within a week. I got the samples when I was home for Thanksgiving break, and they're sitting on my desk anxiously waiting for me to try them - and I for them!

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 28: Inspired by a Flag

Sooo . . . I must confess, I was feeling lazy today. I didn't really want to do nail art, I just wanted to slap on some polish and be done with it. Therefore, I chose as my inspiration the Libyan flag, which is the only national flag that's just a solid color. Hint: it's green.

indoors, artificial light

This is two luscious coats of Nina Ultra Pro Salsa, one of my favorite "basic" greens. That's all for today! Now I just have to figure out what to do for tomorrow . . .

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Three in One: Days 25, 26, and 27

Sorry for my egregious lack of posting! I'm falling down on the job, I know - but only because I've been doing my best at keeping up with homework over break. I'm actually writing this post on my phone whilst riding back to school, and I took the picture on my phone as well. I got a new iPhone 4S, though, so the quality isn't too bad, though definitely not as good as the macro on my PowerShot. Anyway, today's manicure combines the last three themes: fashion, pattern, and artwork. My inspiration was a Spring 2012 print from DKNY - it's fashion, it's a pattern, and, in my opinion, fashion is art. I used a base of Wet 'n' Wild White Creme with OPI Red My Fortune Cookie, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, and my Nubar nail art pen in black.

As you can see, I printed off the picture that inspired me and took the photo of my nails against it. After doing so, I think my nails were even more accurate than I thought they were at first!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 24: Inspired by a Book - The Graveyard Book

Hello there, and happy Thanksgiving if you're American! If not, I hope you're having a good Thursday nonetheless. Today's challenged was to do a manicure inspired by a book, and my first thought was, of course, Harry Potter. However, I partly wanted to do something new, and I also realized that I didn't have all of the proper colors with me. Instead, I started searching my bookshelves for some other inspiration. I had lots of ideas, but none of them were both feasible and really appealing...until I saw my copy of The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman. I looooove this book (read it - I don't care what age you are!), and I've always been a big fan of the cover as well, so I decided to do a sponging manicure based on the colors in the cover. I used Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme with two coats of Revlon Royal as a base, then sponged OPI No Room for the Blues, Sephora by OPI Ocean Love Potion, Sally Hansen Celeb City, and Revlon Royal on top.

natural light
artificial light

I am really, really pleased with this! The first and last pictures most accurately show how it looks in real life - and as you can probably tell, the last picture includes the cover of The Graveyard Book to show my inspiration. I have to say, I think I got pretty close! If there's one thing this challenge has taught me, it's that I need to do more sponging. This and my galaxies manicure have been my favorites so's going to be hard to pick what to do for Day 31.

I forgot to include the links to my fellow bloggers doing the challenge yesterday... *sigh* And I was doing so well. Anyway, here they are:

Again, happy Thanksgiving! I'll be back tomorrow with some fashion-inspired nails.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day 23: Inspired by a Movie

I had no clue what to do with this day, and I ended up having even less time than ideas...hence, a slightly shoddy V for Vendetta manicure (and yes, I am aware that I left out the circles).

indoors, artificial light

And with that, I'm sorry, but I really must go to bed. I have a proper idea for tomorrow, though, so if I have all the polishes to carry it off (seeing as half of mine are at college, and I'm at home for break), that should be considerably better.

Day 22: Inspired by a Song

Um...let's just pretend it's still the 22nd, okay? After all, it's only 12:07 A.M. Today's manicure was pretty easy - after I applied OPI Meep Meep Meep, I was thinking about what I wanted to do for the song manicure, and I thought of the song Razzle Dazzle from Chicago (if you don't know what I'm talking about, go here). So, I added two coats of Nubar 2010 and called it good.

indoors, artificial light
indoors, artificial light

Sorry for the blurry pictures...I simply couldn't get one that wasn't blurry that showed the polish even halfway accurately. I really need to figure out a new lighting situation for the winter, because, as I've said many times, the lighting in my dorm room absolutely sucks.

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 21: Inspired by Color: OPI Meep Meep Meep

Today's challenge was "inspired by color," which in my opinion is pretty vague. I mean, aren't all my manicures inspired by color in one way or another? I ended up picking OPI Meep Meep Meep simply because I'd been wanting to wear, yeah, I was inspired by pink. As it turns out, that was a very good thing - Meep Meep Meep is fabulous.

 indoors, with flash
 indoors, with flash
indoors, with flash

I really wish I'd had an opportunity to do this manicure before the sun set, but I had class until 4:30 today, so that wasn't an option. My pictures really don't show the gorgeousness of the polish - it's much juicier and glass-flecky and gorgeous in real life. The application was awesome as well, and I barely had to do any cleanup. Basically, you need to get this, okay? Okay. :)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Day 20: Water Marbling

So, you know how yesterday's galaxy nails were pretty freaking awesome? the opposite. I love water marbling on other people, but I am truly terrible at it. I always get tons of bubbles, and the polish always seems to dry before I get it nicely swirled. I used Zoya Robyn and Zoya Kelly over Wet 'n' Wild White Creme, and...well...see for yourself:'ll just go now. *hides* To help cure the eye-searing that I'm sure you just experienced, go check some proper water marbling out:

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Tomorrow starts the last section, "inspired by" - hopefully that will go better for me than today!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day 19: Galaxies

I almost forgot I hadn't already posted this...whoops! It would've been too bad, too, because I'm really proud of my galaxy nail art (unlike Day 18's water marble). I'd never done "space nails" before, so I wasn't quite sure how it'd go, but with some sparkly polishes and a sponge, it wasn't hard at all, and I'm really pleased with the result. I used a base of Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme, sponged with Ulta Sun-Sational, Sally Hansen Laser, OPI Meep-Meep-Meep, Sally Hansen Byte, Zoya Ali and Hard Candy Mischief, and filled in the blank parts with China Glaze Fairy Dust. I included a blurry picture to show the holographic sparkle of Fairy Dust.

indoors, with flash
indoors, with flash

Can I just say that I absolutely looove this? I am really, really, really not going to want to take it off. Oh, well...I can always do space nails again, right? 

And now, the bloggers doing the challenge with me...

Until tomorrow!

EDIT: P.S. Two followers away from 700?! Cheese and rice! Thank you all SO much - I really do still smile every time I get a comment or a new doesn't get old. :)

(Late) Day 18: Half Moons

I meant to post this last night, but I completely and entirely forgot...whoops. I did, however, actually do this manicure yesterday, so I think it still counts. I did black over Zafirah and lined the edges of the half-moons with Orly Luxe.

natural light

As you can see, I have a bit of tipwear and dry fingers, but other than that, I think it looks quite classy. I'll hopefully have my galaxy nails done and posted later today, so I'll chat more then. In the meantime, I have way too many papers to write, so I'm out - hope you're having a great weekend!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Day 17: Glitter (Franken: Zafirah)

Okay, so I'm guessing this was supposed to be glitter nail art, because this is the ten days of nail art, but since it didn't say that specifically, and I really wanted to use a franken I made a few weeks ago, I just used the franken. I used Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme, clear, Jordana Silver Jewel, Wet 'n' Wild Fantasy Makers glitter in Glitz, NYC Starry Silver Glitter, and China Glaze Fairy Dust. You really can't see most of the hexagonal glitter, but I'm quite happy with it as it is. Unfortunately, I didn't think of the fact that I should really take sunlit pictures since there's holographic glitter in it, but you get what you get. I'm going to be layering over this for the half-moon manicure tomorrow, so hopefully the sun will be out then (though it's supposed to be cloudy, so I doubt it).

 indoors, with flash
 indoors, with flash

Sooo pretty...I wish I had taken pictures in the sunlight so you could see it in its full glory. I used two coats here, and I named it Zafirah, which is an Arabic name meaning "successful." I'd say Zafirah was a success, wouldn't you?

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day 16: Tribal Print

I almost forgot to post today - whoops! Fortunately, I remembered before 12:00, so it still counts. Since it's late, though, I'll keep it short. I had no idea what I wanted to do for tribal nail art - there are a ton of great options out there, but I didn't have time to do most of them, because the ones I like the best are incredibly complex. Instead, I ended up freestyling something of my own, and I hope it looks tribal enough. I used Sally Hansen Sun Kissed, Sally Hansen Green with Envy, Sally Hansen Pacific Blue, a Nubar nail art pen (I used the striper end), and a dotting tool with Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme.

 indoors, with flash
indoors, with flash

I like it, but I'm not sure I'd be really keen to do it again...I got several compliments, though, so maybe that's just me. Anyway, I'm going to either go to bed now or work on a paper; I can't decide. Either way, goodnight - but before you go, here are the ladies doing the challenge with me this month (which we're now halfway through, and that seems totally unreal):

Adopt a Polish Press Release announces the world’s first adoption drive for in need nail polish, available for
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“We have so many polishes who need a good family to take them in” said
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Please don’t let the agony go on any longer than it has to. The first round of adoptions closes December 31st. Apply to Adopt a Polish at

About Adopt a Polish is a not-for-profit organization funded by the people at Nail Polish Canada. We
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Contact Info
Sam MacKay
Communications Manager - Adopt A Polish 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Days 14 and 15: Flowers and Delicate Print

I didn't have time to paint my nails at all yesterday, so I combined yesterday's challenge with today's, and did a delicate flower manicure. I really don't like how it turned out, and I couldn't seem to get any good pictures, but I'll show it to you anyway... I used Icing Mint 2 Be, Color Club Overboard, and Color Club Yachty, Yachty, Yadda.

I'm going to leave the picture small because it really does not look any better up close. The pinks are fairly accurate color-wise, but the mint green is waaaay off for some reason, and believe it or not, this is the most color-accurate picture I got out of about thirty. Anyway, the nice thing about the challenge is that I felt perfectly entitled to just take this manicure right off again! Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day 13: Animal Print

Today's been one of the few days in the past week that I haven't had to agonize over what I was going to wear - this time, I knew it would be leopard print - in my opinion, it's the easiest animal print to do, and I was short on time as usual. I decided fairly quickly on using grey, black, and gold, and voila!

 indoors, with flash

I'm really happy with the color combination I chose - I think it looks very classy. I used Lex Seattle Sunshine, Orly Luxe, and Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme, along with Aly's dotting tool (again...I should really get that back to you, Aly!). I'm always a big fan of leopard print nails, though I'm not a leopard print person in other areas of life. I suppose there are a lot of things I'd wear on my nails and not on my body! Another reason I'm a fan of leopard print nails is that it's a pretty easy pattern to do. I'd venture to say that it's the only "real" nail art design I've done that I didn't have to redo a nail (or two, or ten) on the first time I tried it. So, if you'd like to try nail art but are afraid you wouldn't be good at it, I'd definitely encourage you to start with leopard print, as it's a great way to ease into nail art. 

The other lovely ladies doing the challenge this month (I'm so glad I remembered to do this...for the first time in several days...):

I hope your weeks get off to a great start tomorrow morning!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 12: Stripes

I really, really did not have time to do stripes today, so I half-assed it and turned yesterday's polka dots into badly done stripes.

indoors, with flash

Look familiar? Sorry for the short and mediocre post. I hope it's not like this for the rest of the month.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Day 11: Polka Dots

Happy 11/11/11! Don't forget to make a wish tonight at 11:11:11. :) I hope you didn't have your fill of polka dots after my rainbow manicure, because I have more for you today. This time, I just did two vertical lines of polka dots on each nail, and I really like how it looks. I used a base of China Glaze First Mate, and the dots are in Sally Hansen Green with Envy and Color Club Overboard.

 indoors, artificial light
natural light

I can't believe I'd never used First Mate before! It's really gorgeous, and I think the green and pink complement it well. The only thing I don't like about this manicure is that because my pinky nail is so much small than my other nails and the dots are the same size, that nail looks a bit odd. Other than that, though, I'm happy with it - and even if I wasn't, I'd only have to wear it for today. Again, have a great day!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 10: Gradient

Today's post will also be a brief one, as I once again have way too much reading to do in too little time. For today's gradient, I used Sally Hansen Sun Kissed, Revlon Victorian (from the Just Tinted collection), and China Glaze Golden Enchantment. I was very happy with the way it turned out, and then I went to bed and got sheet marks. Whoops.

natural light
natural light
natural light
natural light

That's all! I promised a short post, didn't I? :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 9: Rainbow Nails

Once again (it seems to be a theme), I had a hard time choosing what to do for today's manicure. There are so many ways to do rainbows, but I wanted to do something that was fairly easy and quick. I decided on dots - and then discovered that I have apparently mislaid my dotting tool at some point since I got to college, because I used it once or twice, and now I have no idea where it is. Fortunately, Aly was around, so I just borrowed hers (thank you, by the way). This is what I came up with:

 natural light
natural light

I think it looks pretty cute! I used Sally Hansen All Fired Up, Sally Hansen Sun Kissed, Ulta Sun-sational, Sally Hansen Green with Envy, Zoya Robyn, and China Glaze Grape Pop, with Wet 'n' Wild White Creme as my base and Essie Matte About You as a top coat (I also used Insta-Dri underneath the matte top coat to prevent streaking).

It's rather nice to have a cheery design on my nails, as it's quite bleak outside today - it's not actually that cold (only 60 degrees Fahrenheit), but it's extremely windy and a bit misty. Eurgh. I hope the weather is better where you are!

Good grief, I just realized I forgot to do this for the past two days...failllll. Anyway, here are the other bloggers doing the challenge (the Aly who loaned me the dotting tool, by the way, is the Aly Loves Lacquer Aly, just to clarify). Go check them out, and have a great day!

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Bright Lights, Big Color
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dr.'s Remedy Holiday 2011 - PR

Seasonal shades to enchant, inspire, ignite

Holiday cheer is contagious: the spirit is infectious, the charm is encapsulating. It's so divine, in fact, that you wish you could "bottle it up" - savor it, treasure it. Luckily, your friends at Dr.'s REMEDY did just that this year with their holiday collection of hues: JOLLY & JOY. In the lineup, five shades that are rich, riveting, and radiant. And the best part: the colors are traditional in scope but not on scale; meaning red and green - yes, the docs have you covered. See for yourself in the best holiday collection yet: Dr.'s REMEDY JOLLY & JOY for holiday 2011.

The holiday 2011 JOLLY & JOY collection of Enriched Nail Polish includes:
REVIVE Ruby Red: A shimmer-infused, Wizard of Oz-inspired shade of crimson
PASSION Purple: A bombshell-boysenberry with subtle silver meshed throughout
ESSENTIAL Emerald: A take on the classic tree-and-plant-inspired gem of a shade, with delicate glimmer and unparalleled amounts of glamour
SERENE Silver Glitter: A seasonal sizzler like no other: shine, chic, totally unique in the metallic scene
RESOLUTION Red Glitter: A red-meets-copper spin that's sequin-look-alike laden with high-shine and sparkle

Dr.'s REMEDY is offering the following special price on selected holiday shades. Purchase ESSENTIAL Emerald, RESOLUTION Red Glitter AND SERENE Silver Glitter for only $14 each while supplies last.  Also, free shipping on orders of $50 or more with code: HOLIDAY thru 11/18/11.

Dr.'s REMEDY Enriched Nail Polish is available for $17 online at

Dr.'s REMEDY is a line of doctor-inspired cosmetics that is dedicated to using clean, hypoallergenic ingredients. The birth-child of two New York-based podiatrists, Dr. Adam Cirlincione and Dr. William Spielfogel, Dr.'s REMEDY proves quintessentially-perfect for any person looking to better the condition of her skin and nails. Dr.'s REMEDY is sold exclusively at or by calling 877-323-NAIL. 

Day 8: Metallic - Sally Hansen Bronze Ablaze

Five things:

1. The pictures today are going to be far from optimal. It's raining again.
2. Bronze Ablaze is a bit of a stupid name. I mean, couldn't you just go with Bronze Blaze? Or something?
3. Bronze Ablaze is, however, a gorgeous polish.
4. My pointer fingernail broke right before I took the pictures, hence the missing finger.
5. I am really really busy and I shouldn't be blogging at all, so I'll keep this short.

Now, pictures!

 natural light
natural light

Isn't it gorgeous? Despite my crap pictures, that is. It's sort-of-but-not-quite a duochrome, and it's rich and has depth and I love it. Also, it barely needed two coats and dries fairly quickly. I didn't have any application problems, either - I've always gotten along well with the Insta-Dri brush, though I know a lot of people don't. And that's it for today! Off to do some more reading... *looks at pile*

Monday, November 7, 2011

Day 7: Black & White

Hello there! Today's theme was black and white, and once again, there were so many possibilities. Eventually, however, I decided to do something easy, and something easy ended up being a nail art technique that I don't think anyone has done before; at least, I've never seen it anywhere else. Can you guess what I did?

indoors, flash

Any guesses? Okay, I'll spill. I used the very sophisticated technique of...straws. I used a white base, then painted a bit of black polish on an index card, dipped the end of the straw in, and dabbed it on my nail (lather, rinse, repeat) to create a sort of abstract circles pattern. They're not perfect circles, but to me, that's not the point - and it's very easy to do. The streakiness is due to my impatience and the fact that I had to go to class, so sorry about that, and the flash is due to the fact that it gets dark outside really freaking early now, and my dorm lighting sucks. So, again, sorry. Hope all your Mondays went reasonably well!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Day 6: Violet - Layering with Orly Love Each Other

I have a feeling this is going to be the month of long post titles...ah well. Today, like yesterday, I had a really hard time choosing what manicure I wanted to do. I had originally planned on Wet 'n' Wild Back Alley Deals, but after yesterday, I didn't really want to take off another glitter after only wearing it for a day. I vacillated for a while before finally settled on a layering manicure with Orly Love Each Other, which I picked up at Ulta on clearance a little while back. I decided to layer it over black, but to add Nubar 2010 in there for some extra oomph. So, I used one coat of Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme, one coat of Nubar 2010, and four (I think) coats of Orly Love Each Other. The result:

natural light
natural light
 natural light

Sorry for being a bit picspammy, but I really wanted to show this off - it deserves it. Love Each Other is a purple/pink duochrome glass flecked shimmer in a ever-so-slightly milky base, though as you can see, the pink doesn't show up in this manicure. I'm curious to see if it would over other colors, so perhaps you'll be seeing quite a bit more of this lovely polish before the month is up. I still can't figure out why I'd never heard of it before, as it's a truly lovely polish. Perhaps a few more people will learn about it from this post - at least, I can only hope!

And here are the lovely ladies doing this challenge with me (I forgot to do this yesterday and didn't realize I forgot until this

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 5: Blue - Wet 'n' Wild Believe Me, It's Real

Sorry for the late post today! I've been working almost all day, so I didn't get around to writing a post until now. I had a hard time choosing a nail polish for today - I was waffling for quite a while between this and China Glaze First Mate, which I still haven't tried for some reason. In the end, I decided on Believe Me, It's Real because, well...glitter. :P In case you didn't know, Believe Me, It's Real is from the most recent Wet 'n' Wild Coloricon collection, which is composed of amazing (and cheap) glitters. It's a clear-based polish with fine blue glitter and medium round purple glitter. Here, I used one thick coat over a coat of Wet 'n' Wild Black Creme.

 direct sunlight
natural light

For some reason, I couldn't really capture the vividness of this polish, no matter how hard I tried. The purple is more reddish than it looks in my photos, and the blue is more vivid and bright. I played around with the white balance, lighting, and saturation until I was starting to go a bit nuts about it, but no dice. Makeup Withdrawal's post on the collection is more color-accurate on this one. It's a lovely polish, though, and I hope Wet 'n' Wild continues to come out with collections as fantastic as this one.